Child-like Faith

Imagine this: You are talking with a small child (three or four years old) and you ask them this question:
You: Do you think it is possible to color the sky purple?
Child: Yes! Just take a big purple crayon and color the sky!
I am amazed at the faith that small children exhibit. Children tend to have this “Why not?” attitude when it comes to life.
Is it any wonder why Jesus tells us to come to him with child-like faith? 
When we have that child-like faith we tell God “Why not? Who says that is not possible?” The Bible says that “Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” –Mark 10:27-
When we have that “all things are possible” attitude with God we bring him and us joy.
This I know: We can dream and ask big because we have a BIG God!
All for him,

Roller Coaster Ride

As a kid I remember going to amusement parks and riding roller coasters. I thought they were fun. The ups and downs and ups and downs, even the loops, were exciting because I didn’t know what was next to come.  
Life can be a lot like a roller coaster.
In the past few months life has seemed a lot like a roller coaster; both personally as well as professionally. The ups and downs and ups and downs. When I get tired of the roller coaster and I have nowhere else to turn I run to Jesus.  
No matter what happens I know that Jesus is faithful! He has proven himself time and time again. This I know: God is faithful! And “Never once did we walk alone!”
http://youtu.be/n1bXG4WIesA  Never Once- Matt Redman  
All for him,