Spiritual Detective

I was spending some time with the Lord today and was telling him about some of my frustrations recently and here is what I learned:

The Lord told me to read in 1 Timothy 3.

So I read the chapter; it talks about Leaders of a church or organization and the qualifications of such people. Here is the verse that stood out to me.

1 Timothy 3:10
10 And let them also be tried and investigated and proved first; then, if they turn out to be above reproach, let them serve [as deacons].

I read this verse and said to the Lord ," That's it!" One of my many roles as a leader is to help people find a place within the organization and intern the Body of Christ where they can use the gifts that God has given them.

I know what you must be thinking ," That's nice but how do you do that?" I'm so glad you asked.  :)
Here is what I sense is the process:

It is OK to ask prospective volunteers and teachers etc to tell me about themselves and for me to become a "detective" and finding their "right fit." Sometimes it takes a few tries to find that "right fit" but even that is better then just "throwing" someone into doing something that they are not qualified for or don't have the gifts to do. Then finding out later that this is the case and having to deal with a big mess. This is not a good position for anyone to be in.

So, I will take my time and not rush through the interview process and do my best to help everyone find their "right fit" in the Body of Christ.

All for Him,

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