I'm so blessed!! Thank you Jesus that you speak our personal language and know how we learn best!  :)

I think that God's love language is Quality Time. (If you don't know what I'm taking about, then please e-mail me and I'll explain further.) I was praying one afternoon and enjoying the sweet presence of God, when God shows me a picture of my phone charger. At first I was confused, I didn't understand. Upon further asking of the LORD, I began to understand. Jesus wanted me to spend quality time with him! Jesus preceded to explain to me what he meant.
  • I was like my phone, (I work, talk, I'm busy, go to school, do homework, etc all day) the more that I do, the more of my "battery" that I use. Going about your day uses up your "battery" (no matter how busy or clam your day may be) Eventually our "battery" runs low and we need to charge it.
  • Jesus is like the electricity that flows thru the outlets. He is power, strength, encouragement, hope, and everything that we could ever want or need. The issue is tapping into that power. Putting our phone next to the outlet doesn't do us any good. We are missing something.
  • Our Quiet Time with Jesus is like our phone charger. It is the connection between us and Jesus. It takes the electricity that we need and transfers in to our phone so that battery can charge.
What happens if you plug your phone into the charger but then unplug it in 5 minutes? It charged for a little bit, but overall it didn't do much good. We can do that with Jesus.

I pray that we will spend quality time with Jesus daily, praying, reading the Word, singing, praising, and just being still before the LORD. Charging our "battery" takes time, Jesus is well worth it!! Thank you Jesus for being more that we could ever want or need!!!

All for Jesus,

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